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= European philanthropic coalition that supports commons transition initiatives



"EDGE Europe is a newly established affinity group made up of like minded European foundations. The work of the affinity group will mirror what has been undertaken by EDGE Funders Alliance in the US. Participating in EDGE Europe will build a bridge between the activities in Europe and those taking place in the US which will bring the work between continents closer together. Furthermore there are significant European specific issues developing, which provides good reasons for progressive foundations to be actively involved in a community at a regional level in order to have more influence on change.

EDGE Europe will offer opportunities for people who work within progressive foundations in Europe to come together through a series of events and working groups. This will provide opportunities to actively share experience, knowledge and ideas on current progressive issues, themes and work.

EDGE Europe has three underpinning pillars:

  • a shared idea and vision of a just transition for systemic change
  • an inter-sectional approach, within a local, national, regional and global context
  • a focus on the importance of grassroots organising."