Dorota Marciniak

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= Dorota Marciniak PhD, Researcher in Open Science , Abstract Mathematics , and Psychology and more .


My Scientific background is very inter-disciplinary , I have been ( and I am ) studying and doing research in:

  • Mathematics (various domains, like Algebra, Category Theory, Mathematical Physics, Quantum Gravity, Geometry, Topology, Game Theory, and various other domains),
  • Psychology (Environmental Psychology, Psychology of Architecture, Personal Development Support, Communication, Public Relations, Interpersonal Relationships, Community, Creativity, Cognitive Psychology, Positive Psychology, Happiness, Well-being, and various other domains),
  • Applied Mathematics (Algorithms Design, applications to various domains) ,
  • Social Psychology (Open Science, Open Research, Social Movements, P2P, Collaboration, Communities, Open Source),
  • Social Choice (Computational Social Choice, voting, Democracy, Collaborative decision making, Fairness, Social Justice, social inequalities, Social Welfare ),
  • and other disciplines.

My PhD in Mathematics is in the area of Computational Social Choice, how to make fair decisions together and collaboratively.

I have been collaborating with various researchers from many disciplines, physicists, philosophers, economists, computer scientists, telecommunications, sociologists, artists, and more.

I took part in various scientific projects, at the national and European levels (such as EU COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) Actions, ESF (European Science Foundation) Projects).

One of my projects is to facilitate inter-disciplinary research, and Open Research and Open Science in general.

I am designing and building a platform to facilitate p2p collaboration and development of projects (scientific and social innovation and other projects) and also to facilitate early publishing results and collaborative peer reviews.

I am also co-organizing various (local and global) events concerning sharing economy and social innovations and community activation (for example with OuiShare , Edgeryders and HackYourPhD) (events like OuiShare events, The Edgeryders Living on the Edge, and local events and workshops for community development and social innovations, co-designing and facilitating collaborative projects)

I’m also involved in community management and facilitation in the local and global communities and in the online frameworks. ( that includes also things like social media and communication and help with websites designs)

I support building and maintaining healthy, active and creative communities and relationships and collaborations, with the best community management and facilitation practices (such as encouraging participation, acknowledging the work done, facilitating involvement in projects, creating a ‘good atmosphere’ and developing and maintaining good relationships).

My other projects include creating and facilitation p2p collaborations, and encouraging to work in collaborative framework progressing the social innovation and social development projects. Also creating environments for mutual p2p learning and alternative education and development of social well-being healthy balanced living and happiness.