Donation-Based Energy Crowdfunding

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(The following crowdfunding platforms are solely donation based.)

Green Fundraising

James Lester [1]:

"Green Fundraising is an online platform to support projects that focus on environmental or social responsibility. Entrepreneurs and non-profits can seek funding from the public (referred to as “crowdfunding”) by posting a project on Entrepreneurs and non-profits can seek crowdfunding from the public by posting a project on Projects can offer rewards to contributors, but the website isn’t intended for soliciting equity investment. There is no indication that GreenFundraising will change this philosophy if and when the SEC rules come into effect."

Green Unite

James Lester [2]:

"GreenUnite is a crowdfunding and educational platform focused on helping to launch important products, technology and content dedicated to creating a more sustainable world. The platform connects individuals and organizations with green supporters in order to create a community that thrives on connections and interconnections that spark meaningful change to educate others on the effects of climate change. In addition to getting an idea crowdfunded or supporting an important project, GreenUnite also provides the option to donate a portion of funds raised to green U.S.-based charities that are personally selected by the project’s creator."


James Lester [3]:

"GreenFunder is a global fundraising site for socially responsible projects and businesses. Projects range from simple student field trips to complex green business start-ups. The site is designed to help anyone – entrepreneurs, nonprofits, teachers, kids – get the funding they need. Individuals and organizations can test, market, fund, and sell their projects, products, or events – all risk-free, and retain 100% ownership. Projects are featured as campaigns, each with a funding goal and a deadline. Each campaign offers rewards to their funders – products, experiences, and/or recognition – at different funding levels."

The Green Crowd


James Lester [4]:

"The Green Crowd is a new crowdfunding site that exclusively supports and funds green and sustainable projects across the entire world."

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