Doing Gender Online

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* Article: Genre & Internet. Doing Gender Online. Ordinary Practice Beyond Utopian Ideals. Ed. by Francesca Musiani et al. Reset , 8/2019



Marie Bergström et Dominique Pasquier ("Sous les imaginaires, les usages ordinaires"):

"Does the Internet change or reproduce gender relations, understood as the norms and the practices that differentiate and hierarchize between women and men? How so? These questions are at the core of the current issue of RESET, dedicated to ways of “doing gender online”. The aim is to both question the gendered use of new technology and revisit the theoretical perspectives of gender studies through the lens of digital practices. This issue echoes the perspectives of a 2003 article by Josiane Jouët, “Communication Technologies and Gender. Relations under construction", published in the special issue “Gendered communication” of the French journal Réseaux (Jouët, 2003). In her article, Jouët provided a critical and truly international literature review that showed how gender structures technological design, and the ways usage is sexually differentiated. Drawing on her reflections, the present issue showcases recent work on the topic; reading the ensemble of article, we observe both continuity and change."