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  1. Commons Trusts, see Commons Trusts FAQ
  2. Global Common Goods
  3. Global Common Wealth
  4. Social Charters, see Social Charters FAQ

Proposals and Debates

  1. James Quilligan: [(Toward_a_New_Multilateralism_of_the_Global_Commons])
  2. In this article on Use Communities, Alex Steffen argues that sharing infrastructures are vital for sustainability
  3. Tommaso Fattori: Towards a Legal Framework for the Commons
  4. Tommaso Fattori: The Public - Commons Partnership and the Commonification of that which is Public‎‎

Typology of Commons Regulation

things Access Regulation
Res nullius all non-regulated
Res privatae owner market-regulated
Res publicae public state-regulated
Res communes community peer-regulated

Infrastructural and Institutional Commons

Physical Commons:

  1. Atmosphere Commons ; Atmospheric Commons
  2. Energy Commons ; Energy from the Perspective of the Commons
  3. Environmental Commons
  4. Food Commons ; Food as Common and Community
  5. Hunting Commons
  6. Infrastructure Commons; see also: Developing the Meta Services for the Eco-Social Economy
  7. Land as Commons
  8. Marine Commons
  9. Microbial Commons
  10. Petroleum Commons
  11. Solar Commons
  12. Water Commons

Institutional Commons:

  1. Employment as a Common Pool Resource
  2. Financial Commons
  3. Global Legal Commons
  4. Household as Commons
  5. Infrastructure Commons
  6. Internet Commons
  7. Labor Commons
  8. Market Commons
  9. Neighborhood Commons
  10. NonProfit Commons
  11. Taxes as Commons
  12. Thing Commons
  13. Urban Commons
  14. Wireless Commons