Dmytri Kleiner on Facebook as the Internet Reimagined through Network Capitalism

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"The interview with Dmytri Kleiner was made during his stay in Zagreb, at the conference "Economy of Crisis Capitalism and Ecology of the Commons", 22.-24. November 2012, Zagreb, Goethe Institut (Vukovarska str. 64) / MAMA (Preradovićeva str. 18), where he held a presentation (recording forthcoming) at Panel 5 ("Sustaining the Commons, Sustaining the Peer Production")"

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organizers of the conference:

  1. Pravo na Grad / Right to the City
  2. Multimedijalni institut mama / Multimedial institute mama
  3. Centar za radničke studije / Centre for Labour Studies
  4. Heinrich Böll Stiftung Croatia