Distributed Idea Suppression Complex

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From 'The Portal' wiki:

"The distributed idea suppression complex (DISC for short) is a concept conceived by Eric Weinstein that is heavily discussed in episode 18: Slipping the DISC: State of The Portal & Chapter 2020 of The Portal. Eric has said he believes this might be the most important concept that we will be dealing with on a going-forward basis in 2020 on The Portal. Its the complex of structures that resulted in fantastic income inequality and unrest breaking out all over the Americas.


  • Origin of the complex: So, if you imagine that the institutions have become incredibly fragile because they're in fact built for growth, and that plan for their growth obligates them to tell untruths, and to hide certain characteristics, because they are not, in fact, able to grow at the rates in which they are supposed to—you need some complex for making sure that that information doesn't reach the bottom entrance to a pyramid structure."



"Defining its properties:

  • The center of it is idea suppression.
  • It is not under central control.
  • It is a loosely coupled emergent structure.
  • The DISC is actually a complex.
  • It is a large collection of different structures,

and it's not controlled in any one place.

  • Many of these have emerged separately.
  • A particular component of the DISC is that it protects institutions from individuals who are making valid and reasonable points.
  • It does *not* usually try to ensure that you can’t find the story. It may even bring up the story tangentially in something like a “To be sure...” paragraph or in occasional features.
  • It merely ensures that the reality now paved over never becomes operational."


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Video via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MpGxOR50sn4&feature=youtu.be

"Recently Bret and Eric Weinstein put out a hugely popular podcast about a scientific discovery that calls into question the entire process of drug safety ('All Our Mice Are Broken' Episode 19 of The Portal).

They say that over 20 years of trying to get interest in this story, the response from the medical and media establishment has been silence. Eric has termed this phenomenon the Distributed Idea Suppression Complex, or DISC.

In this conversation with Rebel Wisdom's David Fuller, Bret and Eric lay out the story of the broken mice, and the response to their conversation, and also discuss the unanswered questions at the heart of the Jeffrey Epstein case."