Distributed File Storage

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From the Info Anarchy article at http://www.infoanarchy.org/en/Distributed_file_storage

"What is distributed file storage?

There are two broad categories of peer to peer applications:

Distributed file sharing (see P2P Filesharing ) - These are applications which allow real-time sharing of content with other user's that are also on at the same time; however, this content does not 'live' on the peer network after a certain user that is sharing this content leaves the network. It does not 'persist' over time. Examples of this kind of network are Napster and Gnutella.

Distributed file storage - These are a newer class of peer to peer applications where the peer network actually looks and feels like 'a giant hard-drive in the sky'. Files are saved into this 'space', and persist there even after the original peer that performed the insert has left the network. (http://www.infoanarchy.org/en/Distributed_file_storage)


See the list of examples here

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