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This page is copied from the archived project home page of Disintermedia, as the original platform went away and may not reappear. Some of the pages of particular interest to us, in terms of the Commons and P2P, are reproduced (and may be maintained) on this wiki. These are listed on the general Disintermedia page.

See Talk:Disintermedia Home Page for suggestions about how to take this material forward.

(last modified July 21, 2019 by strypey)

Unless otherwise labelled, all media on this site is licensed under CreativeCommons-Attribution-Share-Alike (CC-BY-SA 4.0 or later).

Libre (as in Library) Research

Peer-to-Peer Research - contributions to the collaborative research on the commons collated by the P2P Foundation

Mahi Rorohiko - Te Reo Māori support in free code software, and how to use it

Women Active in Libre Commons - a list of online talks by women who are involved in various kinds of libre/ commons projects, or are talking about relevant issues.

Hack Pack - basic tools for fixing or reconditioning old PCs

CC Music from Aotearoa/ NZ - a sortable table of releases that will grow as we discover more releases, new and old, and do research and interviews to confirm the details and fill in the gaps.

Privacy Not Privatization - Challenges the way the goodwill attached to the private, in the sense of privacy. This association is used in the euphemism 'privatisation' to justify enclosement of 'common goods', making them 'private property', most of which is increasingly controlled by global corporate elites.

Freedom to whISPer - Most people feel they have a fundamental right to communicate in privacy. Emerging technology, and the laws being made to regulate it, threaten to erode that right, trying to force ISPs (Internet Service Providers) to spy on their customers on behalf of the government, and corporations.

Tipping Out the TPPA - The 'Trans-Pacific Peasant Agreement' includes various clauses which intend to criminalise the sharing of digital information, under the guise of harmonizing NZ laws with US laws for the purposes of facilitating trade across Pacific countries.

Teasing out TISA - The 'Tyranny in Services Agreement' is intended to pave the way for further corporatization of public services currently provided by government departments and not-for-profits under their oversight, and includes various clauses which threaten data sovereignty and net neutrality.

Free our Streams - TVNZ is told by program vendors it has to use proprietary software for its OnDemand streaming service. Public television needs to support libre content, open standards, and free code software.

Online Authoring Platforms - Software platforms that can used for collaborative authoring of text by users in multiple locations.

Online Decision Platforms - Software that can be used to make democratic group decisions online

free code operating system - A record of the OS I've tried and how well they worked for me

Free Culture Timeline - Tracing the history of free culture by listing milestones in its emergence

Bumble Networks - Building resilient wireless networks as tools for sharing community knowledge about living sustainably

Fyre Exyt - Helping people escape from and find alternatives to walled garden social media sites

Releasing Code - Advice on how to build an open source development community around existing software source code.

Free as in Imagination - Libre Game Development and game reviews

ComPost - Researching and advocating for eco-responsible disposal of end-of-life computers and other electronic equipments like cell phones, digital televisions

Free Novels - fiction books which can be read gratis (at no charge), usually under CreativeCommons license, either online, as .PDF download, or both

Notable Books - Non-fiction books which can be read gratis (at no charge), usually under CreativeCommons license, either online, as .PDF download, or both

Notable Interviews - audio interviews of note which can be heard gratis, usually under CreativeCommons license, either online or as a download or both, in a free format like Ogg Opus or Ogg Vorbis

Notable Films - Films which can be watched gratis (at no charge), usually under CreativeCommons license, either online, as a download, or both

SpeechRight vs Copyright - In the digital era, where publishing has become entangled with speech, any limitation on the freedom to publish impacts on freedom of speech

CCANZ Forums Archive - Commentary and links scraped from the little used web forums formerly hosted by CreativeCommons Aotearoa/NZ

SocialForges - A list of online hosts for the incubation of community projects, such that their ideas and methods could be copied in other communities

Print-to-Order and Digital Publishing - Self-publishing allows authors to keep both their copyright (however they choose to use it) and the majority of the revenue from sales, and print-to-order and e-book publishing platforms make the more affordable and scalable

Community Stewardship Manifesto - Distilling the past experiences of free code software and free culture projects, both positive and negative, into a living document that ensures more effective stewardship of digital commons projects into the future

Wiki synchronization - Ever seen two wikis, under the same CC license, with a page each on the same subject covering different aspects?

Freedom Technology Champions - How do people decide what digital communication tools to use? How are use trends shaped by early adopters and software evangelists?

Prior Art - collecting published descriptions of inventions, methods and designs, to protect them from enclosement by patent trolls

Leaving the Googleverse - using free code, federated alternatives to the many products of the GoogleBeast

For-profit Freedom Forges - a list of businesses developing free code software and some info on how they earn revenue to pay their staff and cover their external costs

I Am Not a Human - research into the "honeypot" technique of reducing spam by tricking bots into revealing they are bots, instead of making humans prove they are human.

Platform Cooperatives - research on the legal structures, revenue models, and governance practices that are being used in pioneering platform cooperatives.

Active Projects­

CounterClaim - Exploring controversial topics by teasing out claims, and counterclaims, and the evidence given by claimants, including the Who Said It articles on public figures and institutions who appear in the new media in Aotearoa

Email Ate My Life - Strypey spent one whole year not using the internet, and is working on a book about the experience, and what he learned from it.

Make Javascript Optional - a campaign for a massive reduction in the unnecessary and user abusing use of Javascript. This includes supporting Free Your JavaScript, the FSF campaign to encourage websites to release all client-side scripts as free code, and tag them so LibreJS can recognise them as such.

Looks like https://permaculture.org.nz has superseded PermaGeeks/ Aotearoa Permaculture Network - Providing email lists and other digital information services to permaculturists in the bioregions of Aotearoa, thanks to CoActivate.org, Loomio.org, and Mumble.co.nz

VOICE - Evaluating free code chat tools is very difficult as a solo project. VOICE (VOICE Organized Investigation of Chat Engines) is a testing team that has regular online meetings, trying out different chat software each time, using a reliable text chat system (a Matrix room) as a backup.

External Projects We Contribute to

CoActivate.org - our host for our wiki and blog. Check out the brainstorm for a new name for "OpenCore", the software (built on Zope/ Plone) which powers CoActivate.

Collaborative Technology Alliance - like it says on the tin, a networking organization for groups and companies working on technologies people can use to collaborate.

Fediverse.party - a guide for newcomers to the software projects opening up a new world of federated and freedom-respecting social media.

Open App Ecosystem - a space for people developing and deploying free code apps for transparent, democratic, and decentralized organizing, from open source projects to community-hosted digital cafes, to discuss how we can work together better to make sure our software and services really offer what users need.

Past Projects

Dead Fuel Stations - A photo essay illustrating one of the growing but unnoticed impacts of the peaking of global oil supplies

Proposed Projects

Community Development

Community Development Patterns - a contribution to the development of pattern languages for community development, based on case studies.


Datatrician - Setting up cheap or free training in how to recondition second-hand PCs using free code operating systems, and maintain them in working order.

Transparent Hardware - An online order service that researches and promotes hardware that ships with free code software, and support for libre formats and protocols, and shows them off at their best.


SoftwareBurger - a platform for visualizing a libre database of software/ service dependencies, to help developers choose free code components to re-use, and understand exactly what their code depends on, and help users understand how dependencies and free code re-use work.

GITocracy - building a user-friendly, collaborative, policy development platform, usable by anyone, built on top of the GIT version control system, created by Linus Torvalds.

Gaming On Libre Distribution - GOLD is a proposal for a user-friendly, console-style gaming experience, running on a 100% free code GNU/Linux distribution, connected to a regularly-updated repository of all available free code games.

LaundrySync - a free code remote back-up and file synchronization tool aimed at home users, on whatever OS, who don't want to lose their documents, family photos, home videos etc when their hard drive or OS dies, and don't have access to a server.

TowBar - a bash terminal emulator that works as a toolbar, allowing easier use and learning of the command line environment from within graphic desktops

Core Us - testing free code software for online voice conferencing and feedback to developers

AdoptionAgency - an OpenHatch.org style platform for highlighting promising free code projects which are currently orphaned

In the Event of an Event - A networked calendaring system making it easy to find out about local events of interest to us

Libre Software Training

FileGardens - peer-to-peer software, involving a desktop client, but with a user interface built using web standards, displayed using a browser

Free Code for Free Humans - a set of open trademarks that can be displayed as badges on the homepage of free code software projects, and on the packaging and case of devices built on free design hardware

Standard Interchange Format Initiative (SIFI) - a global campaign to increase development and adoption of standards for export and import of user data between as many different applications and types of software as possible.

Free Culture and Independent Media

Common Sounds - exploring the range of music available under CreativeCommons licenses on websites like Jamendo, Magnatune, BandCamp, and SoundCloud.

Common Culture - A follow-up project to Common Sounds - a livestream showing specifically promoting CC licensed works, and especially kiwi works, with a bit of commons culture/ software freedom news, interviews etc.

A Growing Commons - collaboration on a high quality suite of Open Educational Resources for teaching and learning permaculture design

LibreVideo - Using free code software to create audio-visual works, in libre formats, under a libre license

MediaFlood - A user-friendly documentation wiki showing people how to share their multimedia creations over the net (live or delayed streaming, or for download) using free code tools

Mumbleback Radio - Setting up an online talkback radio experience using a Murmur server and Mumble clients.

Oggle - Creating CDs and DVDs, or monogrammed USB sticks, of media works licensed under CreativeCommons, in libre formats, plus some free code media creation and player software

Virtual Hat - A pool of funds contributed by people who share music online, shared out to kiwi musicians according to how often their music is shared.

CultureAuction - A crowdfunding site with a difference, where people can pledge money towards a given piece of ARR (All-Rights-Reserved) copyright being released into the CreativeCommons

Intentions Bank - a crowdsourcing gift investment website for Aotearoa, interoperable with green dollar and time banking exchanges

Sci-fi Upgrades - fan-managed projects to revamp the visual effects of classic sci-fi television shows, testing the limits of copyright limitations over non-commercial derivative works

NewsAlligator - a fediverse server, run as a news aggregator site.

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