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= alias Strypey

URL = http://www.coactivate.org/projects/disintermedia/danyl-strype


"I'm an independent journalist, citizen scientist, free culture advocate, and permaculture designer based in Aotearoa/ NZ. I've been involved in starting up and supporting the local versions of Indymedia and CreativeCommons, and I'm currently a usability consultant for the ongoing redevelopment of permaculture.org.nz, which I'm hoping can be a flagship project/ crash test dumy for federated social web tools. I've also been a test user of free code group decision-making on Loomio.org since it began accepting sign-ups, and I send them unsolicited usability and open source stewardship advice, from time to time (eg advising them to use GNU AGPLv3 as license).

I've been attempting to map out the various packages and protocols in the federated social networking space for a while as part of my Disintermedia project: http://www.coactivate.org/projects/disintermedia/fyre-exyt/

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