Directory of K-12 Personal Fabrication Education

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Directory of K-12 Personal Fabrication Education

Source: [email protected],

The University of Virginia and Cornell's [email protected]

and Cornell: In conjunction with Cornell, the Curry School of Education at the University of Virginia was awarded a grant from the MacArthur Digital Media and Learning Competition to develop a STEM curriculum based on [email protected]’s 3D printing technologies. Glen Bull, a professor of instructional technology founded the [email protected] initiative. Bull’s goal was to teach future STEM educators to integrate 3D printers into their instructional materials to help them explain mathematical and scientific principles used in engineering.

Curriculum development will take place under the umbrella of a lab called “The Children’s Engineering Institute” managed by Bull. University of Virginia education students will develop the [email protected] STEM teaching curriculum for a pilot group of elementary classrooms. At the National Technology Summit in DC, Karen Cator, Director of the U.S. Office for Educational Technology described the [email protected] initiative as “fantastic.”

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)

DARPA launched a Manufacturing Experimentation and Outreach (MENTOR) initiative to deploy digital manufacturing equipment, including 3D printers, in public high schools throughout the country. STEM high school students will compete as teams to design and build cyber-electro-mechanical systems using personal manufacturing tools. These students will learn the introductory concepts they will need to someday build sophisticated robots and small unmanned aircraft. The program is intended to encourage students to study STEM subjects in college. DARPA will expand the program to over 1000 high schools over the next three years." (

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