Decentralized Employment Organizations

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= DEOs "will allow for sustainable mutuality between employer (service consumer) and employee (service provider)".


"Opolis has pioneered the concept of Decentralized Employment Organizations (DEO), which combine established legal and technological frameworks. Verified members will have the freedom to participate in an infinite number of DAOs while only having to be part of one DEO. Members are vetted through employment verification requirements and will be able to operate, with KYC and AML compliance, pseudonymously throughout their entire work cycle.

Individuals will have the ability to move freely from one DEO to another based on their preferences. It is expected that the major determinant factors by which people will organize are social & political beliefs, skill sets and geography. DEOs will self-govern and incorporate changes made based by its membership. If changes are made to a DEO and any member doesn’t like the outcome, they will have the ability to opt-out of the DEO and join one that better suits them." (from their White Paper on a google drive)


Universal Basic Employment (UBE)

"DEOs could choose to offer Universal Basic Employment (UBE) social safety net whereby offering predetermined wages for services to members when they are between work projects. Qualifying members would perform tasks set forth by the DEO and receive compensation for doing so. Members would contribute to this fund through payroll deductions and have rules for distribution based on voting proposals by DEO members."

Universal Basic Income (UBI)

"If members wish to structure Universal Basic Income (UBI) within their DEO, they would vote to have a percentage of their periodic payroll deducted and contributed to a DEO-owned UBI fund. Members would also vote on the governance structure of the fund distribution of UBI (i.e. members could decide that any member affiliated within their DEO should have access to UBI funds if they are without employment for greater than one month, or any other length of time voted on by the DEO). Members who do not want to participate in UBI could simply opt-in to a DEO where UBI is not a part of the social program."