Decentralized Autonomous Licence

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= "Production of a licence entitled Decentralized Autonomous Licence which aims to protect contents create by DAOs and which allows DAO to collectively define the rules and organizational parameters of a content".



"The goal of Ryhope Lab is to offer a full set of « licences » inspired from Free and Open Source Licenses (or similar licenses like the IANG License or PPL – Peer Production License) specifically “augmented” and designed to support DAOs in their self-governance. This project of licence aims to help the content-DAO - content-DAO meaning : a DAO organized around content such as video-games, software, books, etc - in defining the modalities of collective decision making, value sharing, and the types of possible utilization of the creative collaborative content outside the blockchain ecosystem. The final objective of our team is therefore to provide freely usable contractual frameworks, as standards, allowing DAOs to collectively define the terms of use and governance of collaborative creative contents. The goal of this project is to design a full set of licences implementing an isomorphism between DAOs governance rules - as defined through blockchain-based smart contracts - and nation-states juridical frameworks."

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