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" a blockchain based metaverse where no single operator can impose any decision upon the user base. "

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* Article Conference Paper: Legitimacy in the Metaverse: The Case of Decentraland. By Mannan, Morshed, De Filippi, Primavera and Merk, Tara. Digital Library of the Commons, 2018.


"Drawing on ethnographic research conducted through participant observation, gathering publicly available material concerning the governance of Decentraland (in documentation, governance forums and public chat groups) as well as three focus groups with Decentraland participants, we show how the Decentraland Foundation, the Decentraland DAO and Decentraland’s Security Advisory Board—three centres of decision making among Decentraland’s polycentric governance structure—are grappling to establish endogenous legitimacy. Furthermore, we identify the emergence of new social institutions such as Decentraland’s Wearables Curation Committee, as a means to establish and maintain Decentraland’s legitimacy externally, for instance to avoid copyright infringement claims by third parties."