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Compiled by Aeze Soo:

La Zooz

- Social Ride sharing :


" La’Zooz: The Decentralized, Crypto-Alternative to Uber [1]


Backfeed develops foundational tools for Decentralized Collaborative Organizations, syncing the spontaneous actions of millions of people to promote an era of collaboration and decentralized value production.


A Permanent Web - A peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol →


- Virtual world - Blockchain →


- Creative commons on blockchain →

Proof of Existence

To certify documents


Group Currency


- UBI currency :


- world : Virtual nation - Blockchain →

Basic Income Co : Economy - A peer-to-peer secure network →–2


Foundation supporting beneficial decentralization technologies →

Open Bazaar

Trade online directly to other users, using Bitcoin →

Alexandria Decentralized Library

Virtual Notary

Attestation service →


A blockchain agnostic decentralized platform as a service


Blockchain services

First Blockchain Incorporated

(NOT) The World’s First Stateless Company Incorporated In And By The Bitcoin Blockchain →

Blockchain Me

A tool for creating verifiable IDs on the blockchain

→ Code source:


Laboratory of ideas and innovations at Finyear ( →


A scalable data layer for the blockchain →

Blockchain Summit

Summit blockchain →

Eris Industries

The Distributed Application Platform →


Voluntary : Bitmarkets →


Extending Bitcoin’s blockchain with Sidechains : →

Elements Project

Blockchain University

- Courses : →

Blockchain London

Event - Conferences at London : →

Institute for Blockchain Studies

Blockchain Info

Blockchain-Info : Explorator of Bitcoin blocks →

Bitcoin City

" Each city is a bitcoin transaction, on the road to the blockchain "

Crypto Graffiti

Store texts on the blockchain

Democracy OS

- "It’s time to design a system where we can delegate power to peers: people we can trust and hold accountable."

- "We’re beginning to see trust built on distributed networks. Will the blockchain change the way we build power ?"

- “We can secure power transactions (votes) making them valid in a network of peers where nobody is in charge.”

- "When you want to do online voting, the key element is identity validation."

- "We can build a democratic system where you don’t have to wait 3 years to change the people you delegated power to."

"Power on the blockchain - DemocracyOS" :

Streamium IO

- Manuel Aráoz : “Going live at DecentralizeAll currently”