David Weinberger on How the Internet is Changing Human Relationships

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A "LeWeb3" interview.

URL = http://bloxpert.com/Leweb-3:-Interview-with-David-Weinberger-67

Main points

  1. the structure of the net is more natural in structuring information
  1. a buddy list throughout your life redefines friendship
  1. being (dis-)connected to the net
  1. it is more than just an information highway - the internet is profoundly social
  1. at a crossroad: the fear of the dark powers
  1. the cluetrain manifesto not only meant for business and marketing
  1. digital natives versus digital naives
  1. at the beginning it sounds very reasonable ... but let's keep those forces away.
  1. "I do not know what I am interested in" but the world is much more interesting than anybody has told us about!