David Bollier on the Viral Spiral

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Podcast 1

Podcast via http://wilkins.law.harvard.edu/podcasts/mediaberkman/radioberkman/2009-06-02_bollier.mp3

"What the heck is a commons?

Commons are becoming so common in the digital age that they are redefining the term. Music, video, literature, scholarly works, software - all of these can be placed under Creative Commons licenses to allow culture and knowledge to proliferate more freely. Wikipedia operates by similar principles. But where did these principles come from? How do they operate? Where are they going?

Am,erican journalist and author David Bollier recently released a history of the digital commons movement, called Viral Spiral: How the Commoners Built a Digital Republic of Their Own. He discusses this topic with David Weinberger to shed some light on this fascinating topic." (http://apo.org.au/audio/what-heck-commons)

Podcast 2

Closing speech at the OKCON 2009, on the Commons-oriented approach of the Viral Spiral book

Podcast via http://www.archive.org/download/okcon_2009/06_LeighDodds.mp3

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