Danah Boyd and Doc Searls on the Value of Cyber-Utopianism

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Podcast via http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/futuretense/i27m-a-cyber-utopian-and-i27m-proud-of-it21/4267632


"Call someone a 'cyber utopian' and it’s likely to be taken as an insult, according to leading media theorist Ethan Zuckerman. But we’ll meet some self-confessed utopians (of the digital variety) who are out of the closet and proud! While they concede cyber utopianism can get a little disconnected from reality, that’s what they like about it. It’s a testing ground for future opportunities they say -- a way of encouraging us to think big and make the most of the Internet and new technologies."

Guests: Danah Boyd, Doc Searls, Ethan Zuckerman, David Weinberger