Cyber-Physical Production Systems

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= "systems that synergize conventional production technology and IT, allowing machines and products to communicate with each other in the Internet of Things". [1]


Claudia Linke, Editor,

"Through “embedded systems”, products in the production process will one day be able to actively tell machines what processing steps to perform next. Sensors will report where these so-called “smart products” are currently located in the production process and relay notifications of where improvements are needed. In this way, processes will control themselves decentrally. The scale of networking that we are already familiar with in the consumer sphere is therefore set to become reality in the world of production, too.

The aim of Industry 4.0 is to increase flexibility and productivity. As such, manufacturers will be able to produce customer-specific components fast, cost-effectively, and in small quantities – while automated processes will simultaneously ensure that individual component parts are re-ordered and that the order remains fully transparent within the company. And one thing is clear: IT will play an even greater role in the production process than it has in the past." (