Cryptoeconomics Working Sessions at NYU Stern

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Akseli Virtanen:

"Here is what we are going to do:

We think we are discovering a new distributed value form and value calculus which are different to the capitalist commodity form and calculation of value. If this is true, it means reorganization and reproduction of economic space itself.

Some background: We have been working on an organization and a token which draws on frontier approaches to finance and valuation, accentuating liquid, derivative exposures. This approach has enabled us to innovate in a number of significant ways:

· to identify what is distinctive about tokens that give them money-like attributes and asset-like attributes. Those distinctive features — the conceptual space between ‘money’ and ‘equities’ — open up possibilities for new ways of thinking about economies and value.

· to program distributed economies conceived as processes of value production and organized in networked, fluid offer-based relations (that can create also persistence and consistency to the relationship, i.e. “organization”) rather than just as a system of trading and record keeping.

· to value ‘production’, conceived in ideas of social contribution, rather than ‘profit’, and to explore the measurement of the value of production in new ways.

· to explore innovations in financial contracts and contemporary portfolio theory (derivatives, volatility, securitization) so as to manage risks in a strategic and calculated way.

The event at NYU/Stern is designed to share our vision and concrete progress in developing new value forms, but most of all to invite some of the best finance theorists and cryptotoken and cryptoeconomics thinkers we know to work with us on engineering new economic space." (

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