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= Book and concept on the governance of natural resources.



Cradle to Cradle outlines a 5-stage design and materials usage approach to sustainability. The principles should drive the way we design, develop and operate cities.

2. Franz Nahrada:

"Each production should end in material results that can "feed" another production process. "Upgrading" is better then "Downcycling", which means when things are not needed any more their structuredness should be preserveable and not "burned".

2. Thus every waste is "food" for another productive activity

3. Such production is not creating scarcity, but contributing to cycles of abundance."

3. Jenny Koho:

"Cradle to Cradle –thinking (C2C), which is quite similar to biomimicry and therefore brought up here, arose to oppose planned obsolescence. C2C was developed by an architect W.McDonough and a chemist M. Braungart in 2002. C2C approach is a simple method which aims at new way of thinking and remaking things, using nature as an inspiration. The first principle of C2C, which actually refers to the name of the concept, is: waste equals food. Products and processes are to be designed keeping in mind that waste does not exist. It means closing the loops, in other words using output of processes as an input to system. The second principle is: use current solar income, not the fossil fuels. The third one suggests that our designs should respect and celebrate biodiversity. (García-Serna, Pérez-Barrigón & Cocero 2007, 12.)"


  • Cradle to Cradle. Bill McDonough.

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