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"The Earth Constitution was created through the efforts of many world citizens and international lawyers over the period of 33 years from 1958 to 1991. Under the leadership of the World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA), during the first ten years three Preparatory Congresses were organized and the call for a constitutional convention was circulated worldwide. It was also sent to all the national governments and UN Ambassadors. The culmination of this process was the first World Constitutional Convention in 1968 at Interlaken, Switzerland and Wolfach, Germany that attracted 200 delegates from twenty-seven countries worldwide.

Work on drafting a viable world constitution commenced as a combined effort of many world citizens from around the planet. Work proceeded through a second session of the World Constituent Assembly at Innsbruck, Austria in 1977. At this second session, the initial draft of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth was debated paragraph by paragraph and the final result personally signed by many world citizens present at that important historical event.

The Earth Constitution was then sent to all members of the UN General Assembly and to all national governments. It was again distributed worldwide for debate and possible revisions prior to the third session of the Assembly held at Colombo, Sri Lanka in January, 1979. In Colombo, a declaration was also made regarding the rights of the peoples of Earth to create a constitution and obtain ratification. Article Seventeen of the Constitution specifies the criteria for ratification by the people and nations of Earth and legitimates the rights of the people of Earth to ratify and live under this Constitution.

Under the authority of Article Nineteen of the Constitution, world citizens who had personally ratified the Constitution began holding Provisional World Parliaments to elaborate the framework of law that will be necessary to organize human affairs on the planet. To date, we have held seven Provisional World Parliaments and have elaborated the beginnings of quality world law. This body of legislation is preserved, translated, and studied by the Institute On World Problems.

This Constitution has been translated into twenty-two languages (for which ten are known to have been digitized) and is being promoted world-wide by the Global Ratification and Elections Network, the World Constitution and Parliament Association, and the Institute On World Problems, and others. It provides for a federation of nations and peoples, creating democratic participation for every citizen of Earth within a tricameral World Parliament.

The World Parliament and all the agencies of world government have the explicit mandate and duty to work for the welfare of the entire planet, of every living person, and of future generations. Under the Constitution, not only are all nations required to demilitarize and eliminate all weapons of war, but the World Government itself is non-military. The Constitution prohibits the World Government from possession or development of any weapons of war or any military organization.

The formal name of our Institute is the "Institute on Governmental Procedures and World Problems." This name and much of our mission are taken from Article 8, Section D of the Constitution. When world government under the Constitution is activated, the Institute will have had a long history of effective operation and readily assimilate into the federal government. In our understanding, the Institute is already a preliminary functioning agency of the Earth Federation." (

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