Consignment-Level Carbon Reporting Guidelines

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"The Consignment-level Carbon Reporting Guidelines are an industry-accepted set of principles for reporting GHG emissions from transport and logistics activities at a product or customer level. They help supply chain professionals interpret and comply with the GHG protocol (Scope 3 and product protocols) and other lifecycle-reporting standards." (

More information

  • The Supply Chain Decarbonization Report

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"quantifies commercially viable opportunities to reduce the carbon intensity of global supply chains, providing strategic yet pragmatic recommendations for system-wide reductions and local efforts. The report articulates coming trends in supply chain structures and demand resulting from industrial and consumer decarbonization pressures. Abatement opportunities of 1.4 GT CO2e annually are identified. Major levers include low carbon sourcing, supply chain despeeding, packaging redesign and reverse logistics. Recommendations for 3PLs, shippers and policy makers include supporting carbon reporting, facilitating recycling along the supply chain and developing home delivery offerings."