Connected Action for the Commons

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= " a network and action research programme led by European Cultural Foundation" .


"together with six cultural organisations from across Europe: Culture 2 Commons - Alliance Operation City, Clubture Network, Right to the City - (Croatia), Les Tetes de l’Art (France), Krytyka Polityczna (Poland), Oberliht (Moldova), Platoniq - Goteo (Spain), and Subtopia (Sweden)."


"The network works on topics such as the Commons, Public Space, Culture and Economy as a group and in their independent, diverse activities. We are co-developing and exchanging expertise as a network and engaging local communities into the work we do. The aim of the programme is to scale up our activities, combine our influence, highlight and connect new practices with European policy makers and gain knowledge from each other.

Each hub partner specialises in an area of work that is making change in their region.

  • Culture 2 Commons is a partnership of three Zagreb-based civil society organisations: Clubture, Operation City and Right to the City, connecting civil society organizations dealing with cultural, youth and commons-based issues across ex-Yugoslavia.
  • Krytyka Polityczna is active in three main fields: education, culture and politics, working through a national network of activists’ groups in Poland.
  • Les Tetes de l’Art specialises in participatory arts projects with artists and communities, encouraging learning and exchange in southern France.
  • Platoniq focuses on collaborative creation using ICT for social uses, including running their crowd-funding platform, Goteo, in Spain and abroad.
  • Oberliht works to connect dispersed artistic scenes and build an artistic community and communities making use of public spaces, mainly in Moldova.
  • Subtopia is a space dedicated to cultural and creative processes and production for professional creatives and start-ups in Alby, Stockholm.

Together we run the annual Idea Camp, by pooling our resources and methodologies ECF selects 50 of the most daring and innovative proposals through an open call process and invites these ‘Idea Makers’ to come and share their concepts at the Idea Camp. Each year the focus of the Idea Camp is slightly different, but always connected to our thematic focus. The location of the Idea Camp changes each year and it is hosted by a different organisation from the Connected Action for the Commons network. This year the Idea Camp will be hosted by Subtopia, in Sweden. " (