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Free Open Source Software


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Open Transactions

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  • Description: "It’s a solid, easy-to-use, FINANCIAL CRYPTO and DIGITAL CASH LIBRARY. Including an operational API, SERVER and CLIENT. Transaction processor featuring Untraceable Digital Cash, Anonymous Numbered Accounts, Triple-Signed Receipts, Basket Currencies, and Signed XML Contracts. Also supports cheques, invoices, payment plans, markets with trades, and other instruments... it's like PGP for Money.... Uses OpenSSL and Lucre blinded tokens. ---Mac OS X, Linux, FreeBSD, Android, Windows---Native APIs for Java, Ruby, Python, PHP, Perl, C, C++, Objective-C, C#, Tcl, and LISP"
  • license : GNU Affero General Public (open source) License

Open Universal Dividend Currency

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  • Description: "OpenUDC aims to define a set of open protocols and standards to exchange new currencies, and to provide a free software implementation of them.

UDC means Universal Digital Currencies or Universal Dividend Currencies. Both definitions are fair since a currency in line with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights HAVE TO apply the Universal Dividend. The OpenUDC project has a theoretical reference to the Théorie Relative de la Monnaie (TRM) which can be read to understand why OpenUDC uses Universal Dividend Money System. The Universal Monetary Dividend as defined in the TRM is more precise than the Basic income as it specifies where the money comes from, how it is created, and why so. But the TRM is not a technical description of how such a money system can be developed concretely, and so the choices of OpenUDC technical tools are totally independent of the TRM. OpenUDC implementations allow human members to exchange in a spirit of equity, digital goods and services in space, between members, and time, between members and future members." (

On May 2013, Open UDC was forked to Open HDC (Open Human Dividend Currency).



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Open Coin

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  • Description : "The opencoin project implements "digital cash". The system gives minting software, wallet software and everything that is necessary to have a system for anonymous electronic transactions. It can be used for vouchers, online payments, complementary currencies etc. opencoin defines standards and provides an implementation around the blind-signature system as invented by David Chaum, known as electronic cash / digicash.
  • license : The software and specs are opensource under a GPL License.

OS Currency

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Drupal Mutual Credit Project

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  • built with : Drupal
  • Description : "An all-embracing and flexible package which includes a mutual credit engine, transaction forms and displays, including several views and blocks. It can be used as a digital back end for paper money projects, or to run an entire LETS or Timebank. With a little tweaking, it can manage currencies conforming to a wide range of designs."
  • used by :
    • offer a hosted version "For community groups and social clubs with no IT budget, the basic package allows hundreds of users, full control over pages and menu items. Unlimited exchanges, membership expiry, offline member support. Export members and exchange history to csv format. Other community building features include calendar, image gallery, and news feed. "
    • apparently Timebanks USA are using it for development of "Community Weaver II" (see hosted offering of existing version here)
    • as of Mar 2nd 2011 a total of 57 sites currently report using this module
  • license :

Open Bank Project

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  • "We aim to create a RESTful API so that banks and their customers can securely and cost effectively adopt Web 2.0, Open Source and 3rd party tools, services and strategies. We want to promote greater openness to financial data."
  • license :

Time Bank

Mifos - Microfinance Open Source

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  • Description : "Mifos is an MIS purpose-built for the microfinance industry. It provides MFIs the key functionality to better serve the poor: client management, loans & savings portfolio tracking, reporting, & social performance measurement. has more info"
  • used by :
    • With 21 existing customers with another 19 in the pipeline (as of Mar 2nd 2011) Mifos will soon be servicing a total of over a million clients
  • license : Apache License V2.0

MyBanco - Open Source Core Banking

  • link :
  • Description : "So you are paying thousands of dollars to do your Core Banking? Well, don't. MyBanco let's you do your core banking without paying one cent. Save on your bank's TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) by reducing the money you pay to companies offering proprietory systems, and start saving money, by using free and open source software"
  • license : GNU Affero General Public License

Local Exchange



Community Exchange System

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Relevant Mailing Lists

  • Agile Banking Google Group "Lets change the world of banking and finance. This group is not for interesting theory, but about practical steps we can take to reinvent banking"
  • OSCurrency Google Group "OSCurrency is complementary currency system derived from Insoshi, a Ruby on Rails open source social network project"
  • Ripple Users Google Group "Discussions about the Ripple decentralized monetary system project at" (lots of related discussion happens on the list too)
  • ECON-LETS "econ-lets is intended for discussion of the economic, social and telematics issues surrounding the development of LETS (Local Exchange Trading Systems)"

Projects for Software

Currency Simulation

Phil Jones has done some work simulating currency stuff:

old site at

Other Platforms

  1. Regenerosity :

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Other (older) lists of Currency Software

Accounting Practices

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