Community Supported Industry

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= Community Supported Industry is a strategy to build resilient and diverse regional economies.



"Community Supported Industry is an initiative aimed at creating a culture of support for entrepreneurs interested in more labor intensive, small-batch local production.The concept of Community Supported Industry is an expansion of the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) model. Within the Berkshire Region’s Community Supported Industry initiative, multiple partner organizations will develop paths for the Berkshire community to co-imagine, co-develop and co-finance and patronize “import-replacement” businesses. These businesses will responsibly harness the natural resources available to us here in the Berkshires in order to create products for local consumption or even for export." (


  • "Import Dependence

Each of the varied regions in the United States was once home to a vibrant manufacturing sector that provided jobs and economic vitality while producing quality products made from the region’s resources. Currently, the majority of goods purchased in the US are imported from distant countries and shipped across oceans to reach us.

  • Import Replacement

The goal of Community Supported Industry is to strengthen regional economies by replacing some of those imports with goods produced by local businesses that provide living wages and employ sustainable manufacturing processes.

Our focus is on the basic necessities—food, clothing, shelter, and energy—and the goal is to foster businesses that produce locally, employ local residents, and sell in local shops as well as export to other regions. By engaging a broad base of citizens in designing, developing, marketing, and financing new businesses, Community Supported Industry will help re-establish the value chain from resource to production to distribution and sale." (