Community Organising in Athens

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"This short documentary shows a side of Greece that we don’t get in the news. In Athens, there are currently dozens of neighbourhood assemblies that have started organising their local affairs amongst themselves on the basis of mutual aid, outside of both the market and the state. Notwithstanding the tragic effects of the ongoing debt crisis on the Greek people, it’s good to keep in mind the various other connotations of the Greek word krisis: decision, choice, turning point. A crisis is a situation that forces one to leave the comfort zone, look upon one’s situation critically and make assessments on what’s actually important in life. This applies to individuals and communities alike. If the Greek people can keep these local institutions going even after the national economy improves, I think they’ll be better off when the next crisis hits than us here in the complacent North.

This film is a part of the upcoming DVD Our Present is Your Future from ReelNews." (