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Tom Christoffel:

" "Community motive" has not been adequately recognized. The "profit motive" that works in the civil markets made possible by self-governed communities, has been made to appear as the first cause of wealth. Yet, in one's life, the most important things one does are not for profit, but for family and community, to ensure their perpetuation. Both work together now, though in the beginning, there was only community motive, since survival and perpetuation depended upon the community."



Tom Christoffel:

"The three thoughts below that had emerged in my experience of working on regional cooperation now represent what I now posit as the "community motive."

Concern about “profit" can emerge within an established community over time, but, to my mind the "profit motive" does not exist in the wild.

1) Community precedes cooperation.

2) Community is how life solves all problems.

3) Security is the primary purpose of community.

These three thoughts, theses if you will, are the basis of the "community motive. “Following is some exposition about each one.

As I see it, security has always been the priority for humans since the plains of Africa. That's why communities first seek to establish defensible boundaries. After the basics are in place, security focus shifts to the social and economic. Boundaries work like the membrane in the osmosis experiment most of us have seen in a science class. The membrane is a filter that lets the good things pass through, but keeps unwanted things out."


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