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"This web site is a direct response to the massive disinformation campaign created by phone and cable companies that want to maintain their monopolistic status across the United States. Communities have built great networks but have not created public relations campaigns, so we are here to shed light on their successes.

Whenever a community considers investing in a modern network that will be directly accountable to the public, they are besieged by telecom company funded anti-government groups. These groups produce all manner of misinformation to confuse and scare residents. Those of us on the other side have considerably less money to counter all their claims, but this site will serve as a clearinghouse for reports and resources that demonstrate the many successes of community broadband initiatives.

We believe that communities should have all the information before making a decision. Our position is not to convince everyone to build a community network, but rather to ensure that they are able to make an informed decision that weighs both the pros and cons of taking responsibility for providing the utility of the 21st century.

Telecommunications infrastructure is essential to the health and vitality of a community. For this reason, networks should be accountable first to the needs of the community, not the short-term interests of shareholders." (