Communities as Distribution Channels

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Marc Chataigner:

"1. Communities are distribution channels, and therefore, on the verge to become institution themselves.

2. If community is the distribution channel, therefore what is distributed through them is designed/produced in a different way as well, mostly by them.

Distribution market is distributing itself, and those who succeeded to become institutions are willing to retain their power. What emerges today is that communities are new ways to produce and distribute information, content, product, service or even money. Communities may become institutions because there are now wired to distribute massively, widely, and maybe soon to set up the standards and advisor market rules.

Having written all that, an important question remains though : who owns these damned communities? Peers empowering themselves ? Or the corporations mobilizing them? This question is about whether corporation may succeed to integrate communities within their chain value proposition, or whether communities shall succeed to rule themselves. And here lies the galaxy of mobilisation, business and governance models yet to be approached." (