Commons in Catalonia

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P2P Value:

“(A directory with more than 1,500 Catalan cases of commons collaborative initiatives, as well as 400 European cases, can be found -respectively- at: and Barcelona ​and Catalonia have been key European regions in terms of the development of this model, generating significant creative capital and innovative capacities, and great potential for the consolidation of a robust productive sector, as well as for consolidating themselves as leading regions in the world. An example of this leadership is that the first Wikipedia page in a language other than English was the Catalan one. In 2014, a study promoted by the European Commission pointed out that three out of the ten most innovative experiences in this field emerged in Catalonia: (a community infrastructure for wireless Internet access), the intelligent citizen kit "Smart citizen" (a device for citizens to share and control data) and (a leading civic microfinance platform).

Recent mapping identified hundreds of cases of initiatives only in the city of Barcelona. And in 2016, the European Commission has also given the award for best new generation broadband initiative in the category of innovative financing models. In addition, the collaborative commons economy has great potential as an engine for the internationalization of Barcelona, since ​​60% of cases have international links.” (