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This is a temporary page to collect material on Commons-related organizations and resources by participating members of The Commons Network.

Scope of the Project

Commons-related topics include: 1) access to knowledge and common cultural resources via the free and open paradigms; 2) process that are geared towards the broadest possible participation (the paticipatory and peer to peer paradigms); 3) legal and institutional forms which protect common goods from private appropriation.

Proposed Name

Michel Bauwens: "The Commons Network"


Key Organizations


Cooperation Commons [1]

The Foundation for P2P Alternatives [2] (Umbrella organisation for MetaCollab & ABRI - site currenlty under construction)

Key Resource Directories

The P2P Encyclopedia,

Associated P2P Directories: Books [3]; Individuals [4]; Movements [5]; collaborative research project on collaboration [6]

Australian Bill of Rights Initiative (ABRI) [7]

Reading Material

Blogs and Newsletters

P2P Foundation blog,

P2P Foundation Greek pages

Social Synergy,


Darren Sharp,

Discussion fora and mailing lists

MetaCollab mailing list: (low volume)

The Cooperation Commons mailing list:

Document Depositories

The P2P Articles and Documents Repository [8] ;

Audio-visual Material

The P2P Podcasts Directory [9];

The P2P Webcasts Directory [10]

Key Activists and Researchers

Sam Rose-Social Synergy