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= a website that will help us visualize the commons and the commons movement


a project of CommonSpark, a collective of commons activators


"Many of us are aware of the very serious problems plaguing our world, problems so grave they are destabilizing the capacity of the earth to support life, threatening the survival of our own species and countless others who share the planet with us. Despite these historic challenges, we feel a thriving, sustainable and just world is possible.

How do we turn things around and create a better world? Simple. We learn to share.

When we look at the big picture of our interconnected, interdependent world, we see something at the core of all possible solutions: the commons. The commons are the ecological, economic, cultural, and social resources that belong to everyone in the community and that should be shared for the benefit of all current and future members. These commons and how we work together to manage them determine the quality of life for people and other living things.


The Commons Library Project is a website that will help us visualize the commons and the commons movement. It will feature a directory of healthy, threatened and stolen commons, commons projects, organizations and people, an atlas of commons maps, and tools for inspiring communities to create and govern their own commons. Content and funds will be crowdsourced, or as we like to say, “commonsourced”, a commons created by and for commoners.

We hope the library will be a potent catalyst for the emerging commons movement and a tool for people and organizations involved in the protection and reclaiming of commons worldwide." (