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Commons Based Business Models contain some explicit reference to the business' or operations' link to the Commons.

You can find here a definition of the Commons; a list of our wiki pages in the Category: Commons; and an explanation of the types and categories of the Commons at Introduction to the P2P Foundation Wiki Material about the Commons.

On this page you will see the beginnings of a small collection of pages designed to help you analyze current operations or start a new one, all the while keeping the relationship to the Commons as the center of your deliberations.

If you do venture to the Category: Commons you will see an almost dizzying number of entries. As the concept of Commons-Based endeavors becomes more widely understood we are also seeing a much needed increase in the specificity of information that is available pertaining to particular kinds of Commons as well as how those Commons are maintained, understood, and used. In the near future you will also find a number of ways of looking at this same information.

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