Commission on the Global Commons

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What is the Commission on the Global Commons?

Global Commons Trust is calling for the creation of an inclusive, high-level international panel to discuss global commons problems and recommend solutions. It will focus on

• local and regional commons issues which are not being effectively addressed by businesses and governments • multilateral issues (including the atmosphere, the high seas and their seabeds, and outer space) which are outside the jurisdiction of national territories • the development of new social and economic definitions of the commons and the creation of quantifiable measures for evaluating common goods • the global adjustment process from a debt-based economic system of scarcity and competition to a commons-based economy of sustainability and cooperation

After deliberating, the commission will submit its findings to commons organizations, businesses, governments, the UN General Assembly and other multilateral institutions.

When will the commission meet?

Discussions are proceeding about the formation of the commission and its initial meetings. Details are forthcoming.

How is the Commission on the Global Commons related to Global Commons Trust?

Global Commons Trust is forming the Secretariat of the new commission." (