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Collective Intelligence is a global group of entrepreneurs dedicated to improving the efficiency of social ecosystems and accelerating the flow of capital to good.

What we do:

We do this through three areas of focus:

1. We develop “collective maps,” graphical depictions of the often-complex web of organizations, issues and gaps associated with key social initiatives.

2. We help to link together networks of resources, binding together groups of purpose to aid in more efficient resource-sharing, capital formation and fund-raising.

3. We tell stories about the problems we see, and about the individuals and organizations working to remedy them, using email groups, blogs, wikis, and other collaborative technologies. >>more

Who we work with:

Some of the projects we’ve helped to catalyze include:

  • Xigi (pronounced ziggy, for the shift in the zeitgeist that's happening now) The xigi team is mapping the capital market for good, with stories, an online database of sectors including fair trade, social enterprise, microfinance, independent media and low income housing and a geospatial and social network map. We are part of a team solving the discovery problem for this emerging market; showing capital flows as well as who is doing what, what they call it, and how they value it and how it compares to other initiatives.
  • United Religions Initiative helping this international interfaith group with thousands of great stories in a 140 countries tell one overarching story of an emergent phenomenon evolving to a higher level of order, and the way it is helping eliminate religiously motivated violence. The story of the project is here
  • Kaboom helping this growing non profit which has an aim to put a playground within walking distance of every U.S. child with evolving its burgeoning management reporting metrics into a more user friendly view of the systems and relationships that work together to help it achieve its goals."

More Information

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