Collaborative Defense

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Collaborative defense = The idea of using participatory tools as a fundamental means of protecting ourselves and our societies from natural and unnatural disasters.


Example: fighting a possible flu pandemic

The above article by mentions the use of Wiki’s against a possible flu pandemic.


“A pandemic's unpredictability and lack of planning time leave no room for duplication of effort. Technologies such as wikis are particularly well suited to this problem. Wikiware recently has emerged as an effective way to allow many users to simultaneously contribute to shared documents. Most relevant to pandemic preparation is, perhaps the world's most comprehensive repository for pandemic-related news and views. Although the business-continuity section is less detailed than its other areas, this can change in hours if companies begin to post their own continuity plans, for example, and create Q&A threads. Public-domain wikis get the most attention, but companies such as Motorola and SAP use wikiware behind the firewall. In pandemic planning, corporate employees can contribute simultaneously to a wiki-based company plan. During better times, wikis will simplify editing of corporate documents, track software bugs and let spreadsheets be shared easily:" (from

More Information

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