Civil Society Politics

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= a new global political movement based on strengthening civil society.



Vern Hughes:

"Civil Society Politics seeks:

a. Representation of civil society in politics. b. Policy making that strengthens civil society. c. Transfer of power from states and markets to civil society. d. Renewal of democracy by placing citizens and civil society at the centre.

Civil Society Politics is:

a. A movement - which individuals may join (there is no cost). b. Global in scope - civil society is global in scope and a new political movement is needed in every country. c. Open to members of existing parties and members of none, including those who seek new parties or electoral activity based on civil society politics. (Members in each country can network with each other and take initiatives as they see fit (including those who are members of the same political party, those who seek to form a new party or undertake electoral activity based on civil society politics)."

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