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= "The Associação para a Economia Cívica Portugal" (Civic Economy Portugal) is a non profit Association aimed at promoting the civic economy in Portugal".



"By civic economy we understand a new social and economic development model based on the following:

  • The creation, at local level, of Civic Economy Communities formed by public, private, social econmy entities and Citizens aimed at discussing and finding and implementing, in a collaborative way, innovative solutions for local complex problems and challenges with positive social impact
  • The development of financial instruments aimed at investing inn these solutions
*The development of instruments and methodologies for the measurement of collective social impact of these solutions in the Communities.

For the time being there are already nine Civic Economy Communities built that are developping a Program for Social Innovation and Change. The nine Communities are part of the Network for the Civic Economy, a platform that will address horizontal complex problems and challenges that are common to the nine Communities.

The Associação para a Economia Cívica Portugal is formed by private, social economy and public entities."