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Civic Action Network = an organization whose goal is to allow small groups of activists to share ideas and collaborate.



There are three main components of this site:

  • Part 1: Civic Action Networks is the online version of the first chapter of Small Groups, Big Victories, the Civic Action Network organizing guide. This chapter describes the small group approach and provides detailed directions on how to set up your own Civic Action Team. Currently this page is not set up for editing but we do welcome your feedback.

  • Part II: Activist Toolkit is the main component of this site. We've posted each section of our Activist Toolkit (chapter two in Small Groups, Big Victories) on this page as a modifiable wiki page. We need your help! We want to become the one-stop shop for activists looking for solid advice on organizing strategies and activities.

  • Part III: Civic Action Teams is a directory of Civic Action Teams and links to their individual wikis. After you've read Part 1: Civic Action Networks, please consider starting your own CAT and adding it to our directory. You'll be provided with the opportunity to set up your own wiki on this site.