Citizen Sensing

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= "Citizen sensing is an approach that develops and uses lightweight technologies with local communities to collect, share and act upon data. In doing so it enables them to become more aware of how they can tackle local issues". [1]


= Community Mapping and Sensing project

URL of Common Sense is at

"A collaboration between US-based university and industry partners, the project website employs clever wordplay and conjures revolutionary thinking by using Thomas Paine’s famous 1776 political tract, Common Sense, as its background image.

“The Common Sense team is developing mobile environmental sensing platforms to support community action and citizen science. An increasing number of mobile devices have the potential to become personal environmental sensors. To this end, we are developing sensing platforms that allow individuals to collect environmental information [and] software applications that allow people to analyze, share and discuss this information, in order to influence environmental regulations and policies. We aim to develop new communication paradigms that empower communities to produce credible information that can be understood by non-experts, in order to effect positive societal change.” (

More Information

  1. Open Source Sensing Initiative
  2. City-Commons Framework for Citizen Sensing
  3. Presentation: Low-Cost Sensing by Citizens and Community Groups