City-Commons Framework for Citizen Sensing

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More Information

* Article / Conference Paper: A City in Common: A Framework to Orchestrate Large-scale Citizen Engagement around Urban Issues. By Mara Balestrini, Yvonne Rogers, Carolyn Hassan et al. Contribution to the 2017 CHI Conference, 2017



"Citizen sensing is an approach that develops and uses lightweight technologies with local communities to collect, share and act upon data. In doing so it enables them to become more aware of how they can tackle local issues. We report here on the development and uptake of the 'City- Commons Framework for Citizen Sensing', a conceptual model that builds on Participatory Action Research with the aim of playing an integrating role: outlining the processes and mechanisms for ensuring sensing technologies are co-designed by citizens to address their concerns. At the heart of the framework is the idea of a city commons: a pool of community-managed resources. We discuss how the framework was used by communities in Bristol to measure and monitor the problem of damp housing."