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"If you are spiritual but not religious, If you don't belong to an organized faith but sometimes wish you did, Or if you do belong but sometimes wish you didn't, Welcome to the Church of the Churchless.

If you are tired of dogma that divides rather than unites, That demands blind faith rather than open-eyed investigation, That proclaims "You'll see when you believe" Instead of "You'll believe when you see," Welcome to the Church of the Churchless.

You can browse the Church messages, or posts, in various ways. The ten most recent posts are in chronological order on the home page. To see all of the posts, click your way back in time month by month via the "Archives" links on the left side. Only the last ten months are shown. Click on the word "Archives" for a complete listing.

Posts also can be browsed by category. Each post is placed in one or more of the subjects listed under the "Categories" section to the left. The Basics of our faithless faith category is a good place to start if you've just started visiting the Church of the Churchless. Here you'll find posts about the central tenets of our gospel of spiritual independence.

Use the Google search feature to find posts that contain a key word or words. The "HinesSight" search will return results from both of my weblogs: HinesSight and Church of the Churchless." (