Charline Ducas, Alysia Garmulewicz and Mike Werner on Safe and Circular Materials Design

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"In this webinar, we asked design professionals and experts from industry to give their take on the role of designers in the development of safe and circular design. What skills and knowledge are required from designers to ensure materials are kept in use without causing waste and pollution?


  • JOE ILES (HOST) is the Editor in Chief of Circulate, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s source for thought-leadership, commentary, and case studies on the circular economy.
  • CHARLINE DUCAS is leading the development of C&A’s circular economy strategy, which includes sustainable materials and sustainable products, globally.
  • ALYSIA GARMULEWICZ is a founder and director of Materiom, an open platform for biomaterial recipes made from locally abundant ingredients and also an Associate Professor of the Circular Economy at Universidad de Santiago de Chile.
  • MIKE WERNER is Google’s Lead for Safer Chemistry, where his mission is to eliminate toxic chemicals from consumer products and drive higher environmental performance and sustainability of product design. Mike recently co-authored a paper with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation on the role of safer chemistry."