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Via Joost Wouters:

"Cerberus is a peer reviewed state of the art crowdsourcing system, translating very high-resolution satellite data into functional maps for e.g. emergency rescue & relief teams, biodiversity management and Mars exploration. Cerberus, the online, analytic, educational and outreach game, was developed by participating in the European Space Agency’s technology transfer program. Cerberus won the Copernicus Masters and the European Space Imaging High-Res Challenge in 2012. The Cerberus system was scientifically validated in cooperation with the University of Amsterdam.

Following extended R&D the Cerberus development team felt urged by the devastating Haiyan Typhoon to launch its project without delay, inviting people to participate (for free, obviously) in its online game and help identify areas affected by the typhoon on Bantayan Island. Participants can get started by pressing the "Play" button on the Cerberus Facebook page. After a short introduction participants will be taken to the target area."

More Information

E: [email protected] , [email protected] W: http://www.blackshore.eu/