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= Centre for Application of Molecular Biology in Agriculture, developing open-source biological research tools as a way to democratize genetic innovation


Also called: The CAMBIA BiOS Initiative



"CAMBIA is an independent, international non-profit institute. For more than a decade, CAMBIA has been creating new technologies, tools and paradigms to foster collaboration and life-sciences enabled innovation. These tools are designed to enable disadvantaged communities and developing countries to meet their own challenges in food security, health, and natural resource management." (


Richard Jefferson:

"The mission of CAMBIA, of which I am the founder, is to advance this set of required capabilities so that biological innovation can address the human challenges of the 21st century; the BiOS (Biological Open Source) Initiative is CAMBIA’s mechanism for achieving its mission." (


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More Information

  1. See our entry on Open Source Biotechnology
  2. Richard Jefferson. Science as Social Enterprise. The CAMBIA BiOS Initiative. [1]