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= Breaking The Frame is a growing network, which aims to democratise decisions about technology. We are bringing together different campaigns in order to learn from each others’ experience and strengthen our work.



"Breaking the Frame started around the Breaking the Frame Gathering in 2014, aimed at a deeper understanding of the politics of technology. This was organised by a group of organisations including Corporate Watch, Luddites200 and Scientists for Global Responsibility, with funding from some charitable trusts.

We called the gathering Breaking the Frame for two reasons. Firstly we want to change the way that political issues such as how our food is produced, internet freedom and nuclear power are framed as separate debates: we believe there is an underlying politics of technology which connects them, so they need to be discussed together. Secondly, ‘breaking the frame’ alludes to the tactics of the Luddites – in the early 19th century, machines were called ‘frames’. You don’t have to call yourself a luddite to come to the gathering (see the list of organisations that sponsored the 2014 gathering). And luddism is not about being ‘against technology’ (that is a history written by the victorious industrialists) – the Luddites broke machines which they thought were ‘hurtful to Commonality’, ie to the common good. For more on Luddism, see" (

More Information

If you would like to get involved, or are interested in becoming part of the network, contact [email protected]