Brazil as Free Culture Nation

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Panel at the Wizard of OS 2006 conference

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"Brazil has emerged as the prime promoter of free culture, domestically and in international fora. „We are going to tropicalize the digital revolution." Under this motto by Brazil‘s Minister of Culture Gilberto Gil, the country is developing a broad range of activities for promoting digital culture. WOS 4 together with the Ministry of Culture and other Brasilian partners wants to show a representative spectrum.

Starting point is a vibrant local culture. From the poor neigbourhoods of Rio de Janeiro or Belem new musical genres are touching the ears and hearts of people across the globe, via Internet without any intermediary. „Pontos de Cultura" is the master-plan of bringing 600 cultural projects across the country into the digital age. Groups working with music or video, indigenous crafts or capoeira, graffiti and circus will be equipped with multimedia hardware, free software and a budget in order to produce, document and freely share with the world their cultural expressions. WOS4 will present an overview of the works coming out of these Culture Spots. Recycled hardware and free software play a crucial role as infrastructure far beyond the Pontos. The questions here as with all of WOS is: how are we going to achieve cultural diversity and financial and cultural autonomy?"