Bonding Curves

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A curated list of token bonding curve code and resources.


If you want to find out more about decentralized financial systems, see this other awesome list:


The List


Theory / cadCAD Models:


Articles / Discussions:

Deep Dive: Augmented Bonding Curves: More price functions for Token-Bonding Curves: How to Make Bonding Curves for Continuous Token Models: Bonding Curves Explained – Yos Riady · Software Craftsman: Converting Between Bancor and Bonding Curve Price Formulas: Fixed Point Arithmetic support - Contracts - OpenZeppelin Community: Bonding Curves In Depth: Intuition & Parametrization: On bonding curves and charitable giving: Token Bonding Curves | Coder's Errand: Continuous Organizations Whitepaper - Thibauld Favre

Resources on Aragon's Fundraising App

Fundraising Rinkeby release: Fundraising Github Repository: Introduction to Fundraising: Aragon Fundraising and ANT value by Luke Duncan: Tokens with plans to use Fundraising Aragon Chain: Aragon Court: Fundraising Documentation: Pre-Workshop Mechanism design brief: With MIT Media Lab Automated Autonomous Legal Entities Working Group: Publishing DAO Scenario Hacking: DAO Legal Scenario Hacking: