Bob Haugen

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Bob while visiting Sensorica, winter 2013


40 years of software development for major companies like Mobil, CBS and Intuit, worked on 3 commercial ERP systems and 2 supply chain management systems, e-commerce standards for ISO, UN/CEFACT, OASIS and W3C, open source software for food, timber, housing and open hardware networks

"I am a retired ERP and manufacturing supply chain programmer. Here's a paper that I wrote back in those days that still informs my work today: REA, a semantic model for Internet supply chain collaboration.

Now I work on software for the next economy at along with Lynn Foster.

This project might be of special interest to P2P Foundation readers: Network Resource Planning, or NRP. It was first developed in collaboration with Sensorica, branched to other p2p initiatives, adheres to p2p organizational principles, and uses p2p methods of coordination.

The NRP project and experience has lead to ValueFlows see Allmende Repo or the Github repo. Also contributed to the migration of NRP to Holochain, in collaboration with pospi, see HoloREA.

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